30 June 2018

Posted on 30 June 2018 by Alexander Ignatyev

Singular-value decomposition (SVD)

Principal component analysis (PCA) makes SVD is quite a hot topic now. There are a large number of available resources on the Internet regarding SVD. This week Ilya Gvozdetsky and I reviewed some of them:

Our implementation of SVD using numpy: svd.py.

JavaScript problem

I cannot help mentioning that JavaScript is a language a far away from being an ideal and this is a pity that it became standard de facto in the web. One possible workaround is to use a language having a translator to JavaScript or start using languages with compilers to WebAssembly.

There are quite a few choices for the first option (TypedScript, Elm, PureScript etc.) and a very limited number of choices for the second option: e.g. AssemblyScript which translates TypedScript.


ETCD is a distributed key-value store (like Redis), one cool thing about it is using Raft consensus algorithm. Nice to know that more products adopting Raft.

Charts for web pages

Some links: